(v.) to cause (things) to be mixed together in a way that is not neat or orderly

muddle, hodgepodge; farrago, gallimaufry; mess; chaos.


(n.) a mark or a series of signs or objects left behind by the passage of someone or something.

- to follow the track, trail, or scent of; track.

A Jumble Trail is like a car boot sale but on your street, communities co-ordinate to set up stalls outside their houses to sell bric-a-brac, toys, vintage clothes, cakes or whatever.

The whole thing is coordinated online at jumbletrail.com providing visitors with a colour coded map to explore the treasure on sale in your neighbourhood.


A Jumble Trail champion (could be anyone of us, is it you?) decides to start a trail. Using the site they set up the trail selecting the location and choosing a day and time


After a flat fee of £2 per stall; the champion decides what they want to charge stallholders for registering on the trail;
this might be to raise money for a good cause or to cover printing costs for flyers


Once the trail is set up it becomes google searchable worldwide. With the aid of the website the champion spreads the news through invitations, flyers, posters, email, social media and word of mouth


As word spreads throughout the community people hear and register to take part or come along and buy things, they tell their friends and more people join in

Online map

As people register online a map is created to show who's
selling what, where, stallholders can even post pictures
of their wares

Happy ending

The day is a great success! Stallholders are happy because they have sold
their things and made some money, buyers are happy because they have
found hidden treasure, everyone is happy because they have made some
new friends, eaten nice food and enjoyed being outside in their community.